BridgeBreaker is a game in which you control a mech to break bridges and score points! It is a small, turn based procedural strategy game made in TIC-80 during two weeks for MechJam3


The game is best played using a keyboard. The Arrow Keys controls the mech, while X and Z selects in menus. The A-button opens a menu in-game. ESC takes you to the default TIC-80 menu where some settings are available.

How to play

The goal of the game is to step on and break as many tiles as possible while still making it to the end of the bridge without falling off. The mech will jump one- or two-tile gaps, but only if there is enough fuel left. Grab green pickups to refuel. At the end of every bridge there's a row of golden tiles that takes you to the next level. The levels get progressively harder as the game goes on. When you eventually fall to your doom, you're presented with your final score for that run. 

Special thanks to...

... the organizers of MechJam3, it's been a fun one!  I dedicate this game to my 2 year old who taught me much about smashing things with construction equipment.


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Great puzzle game. Simple mechanic, but with challenging and engaging play. I also love the look of it. Great work!